NEWS 2006


Bushmen give their reaction to historic court win  14 Dec 2006                                                          (14.12.2006) Bushmen involved in Wednesday’s historic court victory in Botswana have today been giving their reaction.

Bushmen win landmark legal case                                                                                                  (13.12.2006) Scenes of jubilation greeted the Botswana High Court's ruling today in favour of the Kalahari Bushmen.

JOINT PRESS RELEASE BETWEEN THE OGIEK OF KENYA AND THE BUSHMEN OF BOTSWANA  We the 'hunter-gather' and the 'Bushmen' have unique human rights violations that include discrimination, oppression, harassment, marginalization and lack of political representation in parliaments and government sectors. We do reaffirm as a sign of solidarity that "self determination and affirmative action should prevail to the Bushmen".

Driven to near extinction                                                                                                                 (10.01.2006) FOR over 20,000 years, clans of hunter-gatherers have survived in central Botswana’s stark, desert plains. Now, a handful are left, locked in a bitter dispute over their right to remain in what has been declared a wildlife reserve.






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