ANTHRAX                                                                                                                      (November 12, 2001) JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) -- The San bushmen did not see a potential threat when they stumbled upon a dead cow lying in a South African field. They saw precious meat. So they cooked and ate the animal.

Lonely road of the Botswana San                                                                                                    10/04/2001 12:43  - (SA) Johannesburg - The police vehicle was the last thing we expected to see amid the cluster of grass huts in one of the most isolated places in Botswana.

Botswana exposed at UN Racism Conference                                                                                  (28 Aug 2001) A statement by Survival International is set to expose Botswana's racist treatment of its Bushman peoples at the United Nations World Conference Against Racism (UNWCAR) this weekend. The statement, by the worldwide organisation supporting tribal peoples, will call for an independent investigation into ongoing human rights abuses against the Bushmen.

Sandy Gall's new book on the Bushmen                                                                                          (August 2001) Journalist and broadcaster Sandy Gall has just published a new book, 'The Bushmen of Southern Africa - Slaughter of the Innocent'. This will be of great interest to Survival supporters especially as several chapters focus on the evictions of the Khwe Bushmen, for whom Survival is currently campaigning, from the central Kalahari in Botswana.

Bushmen and Boers                                                                                                                      (March 8, 2001) BARBARA JOHANNESSON reviews: HIS book is a quick way for educators to catch up on new research about the Bushmen. The book was written by an archaeologist, an historian, an anthropologist and a school teacher. It is written in clear language. Sometimes the ideas are quite difficult to grasp, but it is worth persevering, especially if you are teaching children about the Bushmen.


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