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Thursday 14 July 2005


WIMSA’s real intentions are suspicious

7/14/2005 9:43:22 AM (GMT +2)

So WIMSA regards itself as the representative of the San people of Botswana and thus has the mandate to do so? It is surprising that WIMSA claims to represent the Basarwa of Botswana when it is not known in Damuchuchunaa and Medie.

Which Basarwa does it represent? Everyone knows that The First People of the Kalahari has been against the relocation of Basarwa from the CKGR to the extent of taking the government to court. While we are awaiting the judgment of the case, it is baffling to learn that WIMSA on the other side talks about negotiations. 

What negotiations? Is WIMSA telling us that FPK and the Basarwa in CKGR were wrong to take the government to court; they should have negotiated first? Where was WIMSA when all this happened? If WIMSA in Namibia could be the one airing this view, does this mean that WIMSA in Botswana does not have the capacity to speak for the people it claims to represent

We are aware that Roy Sesana, one of the representatives of FPK, has been vocal against the relocation, to the extent of writing and appearing in the local and international media condemning the relocation. The man has toured Britain and United States of America soliciting support against the relocation. The man even wrote a letter to President Bush asking him to raise the matter with President Mogae. Does this mean that the man flouted the negotiation process? Is there time for negotiations when the case is before the courts? Is WIMSA indirectly calling for FPK to withdraw the case and negotiate with the government?

WIMSA wants to mislead the world that it represents the southern African San while in actual fact it represents interests of employees who are not even San and cannot understand the plight of the San. 

I do not want to express my views on SI because I believe that First People of the Kalahari and the CKGR residents are better placed to do so. If they feel that Survival International and other NGOs are disrupting the negotiations, they would say so.

Damm Kaashee 

By email