NEWS 2005


I stand for the rights of the First People of the Kalahari.

Speaker/image: Roy Sesana, chair of First Peoples of the Kalahari
Language:  //Gana
Recorded in D’kar

29 June - 23 September 2005

Greetings.  I am Gosaitse. We live near a salt pan. 

There is a salt well in Zutshwa Pan…


I am Roy Sesana. I speak //Gana and I currently live in Molapo.

I stand for the rights of the First People of the Kalahari.

Lately these people have been removed from the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and put into settlements and in these settlements they have undergone oppression, deprivation and their culture is lost.

They are told that there is development, but the development is not for them, it is for other people – and these are the people who oppress them.

As a people they remain without their land, their language and their culture and now when they say they want their rights they are told to go to the High Court or to talk to this or that minister.

I have been referred from one person to another and in the meantime there is a lot of oppression and a lot of injustices are being committed against my people.

This is painful to the people and to me and as long as I live I am going to fight for the rights of the people and for justice.

They must have their land where they can practice their culture and their language:  I live for this and hope God will help me to realise something for the humanity of my people.

We are taken as second rate citizens in Tswana culture:  we are not like other people who have full rights and the right to their own language.

Our language is not taught in schools - this is inhuman and degrading and there is no future if nothing is done to correct this situation.