In Defence of the First People of the Kalahari



"Without land we are not secure. The reason I am saying land is
important, is that when you look at the trees, you feel satisfied. Not
because you have eaten, but because it is your land. Without land you
are like a bird that is flying from one place to another without a nest.
That is why land is important."

- Roy Sesana -


Alternative Nobel Prize goes to Bushwo/men

29. Sept. 2005

The organization First People of the Kalahari (Botswana), and its founder Roy Sesana (left pic) - received the Right Livelihood Award for resolute resistance against eviction from their ancestral lands, and for upholding the right to their traditional way of life.

The traditional San people live since more than 120.000 years together with their wildlife and shall overcome the obstacles the representatives of a so called modern world place against their sustainable  lifestyle, rich culture of humanity and community of life !


.... at the time when our heart falls down,
that is the time when the star also falls down ...
For the stars know the time at which we die ...
The people say "Did you not hear the hammerkop, when the star fell?
It came to tell us that our person is dead."
.... the hammerkop lives at the water
which is like a pool, in which we see all things;
the things which are in the sky we see in the water,
while we stand by the water's edge.
We see all things, the stars look like fires which burn.

- Dia!kwain 1876 -


For me the day the rights of the Bakgalagadi people are protected, will be the day humanity triumphs against the arrogance of certain groups of people over the indegenous peoples of this world. The unspeakable human rights abuses that have gone on unabated for so long in Botswana against the Basarwas are a disgrace to Africa similar to Apartheid abuses just next door that have thankfully been legally if not effectively abolished.

Sometimes I wonder at the ability of the African to inflict on his fellow man the same pain the colonizer inflicted on us. I guess at the end of the day we are just all people. The same before God and man.

Boshie Matlou
South Africa


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